A plan is hatched…content is king!

Hi there,

Where do the days go? Since last writing I have been flat out on researching:

1. Membership site conversion plug ins.

2. Content and software for the new site.

I have also established a framework for the launch, which will essentially consist of:

1. Offer an outstanding low ticket intro (in terms of price) but full of great content e.g. eBook of ‘How to raise children successfully’, along with audio and bonus.

2. Small upsell with a 50% gain to include physical version of my new book, suggested menus and VIP consulations.

3. All info captured for ongoing email marketing for sales of products and services… and Big Ticket event offer in 2011.

4. Finally, all sales and leads to be offered entry into howtobethebestparent.com membership site priced at $97 per month, where the content is going to be electric.

The Membership site will be content rich and will offer extremely good value. Subscribers will have access to:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Educational reports on key topics, such as ‘How to…’
  • Webinars/videos
  • Timely fun activities.
  • Quick recipes to include suggested healthy menus, planners and shopping lists.
  • Thinking skills challenges.
  • Tips for the month
  • Lots of other good stuff.

The site essentially, will build up to a ‘one stop shop’ for that busy adult who wants to be the best parent they can be.

So, I have my work cut out… still. I need to push the book in the direction of publishers asap because that will be a cornerstone of my initial offer. Unfortunately, this priority has fallen behind of late because of everything else going in my world at the moment.

However, I remain very focussed & excited about the future and the following picture captures the challenges that I feel I am conquering at the moment.

This is me and my girls on top of Pen y Fan, South Wales’ highest mountain at just under 4,000 feet high last but one weekend.

Pen y Fan, Brecon

We made it!

If you have any thoughts on anything you’d like to see in my membership pages, then please let me know.

To our success!


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