How to Raise Children Successfully‘ is a parenting guide by Wayne Evans, that every parent should have.

The book contains 11 chapters on key topics that parents today should pro-actively be doing with their children to ensure they raise happy, healthy, contented and rounded children.

Each chapter has up to 15 questions on that subject, which Wayne Evans answers from his experience in raising his own children.

The book is meant to help parents steer their children into adulthood as valuable and prepared individuals.

Finally, one of the key teachings is to be the best parent you can be and to have no regrets in 30 years time. You don’t get a second chance with doing the most important job in the world! So, you need a fair amount of discipline and focus to succeed. They are worth it after all…

Chapter by Chapter summary:

  1. Food/Diet/Water – the building blocks of a healthy child. This looks at your child’s diet and includes both information on what you should (and shouldn’t) be feeding your child and why, as well as how to feed your child properly on a limited budget, home cooking and getting them to cook.
  2. The Importance of Sleep – This includes topics such as developing a good bedtime routine, why sleep is important for children (and you) and also what to do with lazy children or early risers.
  3. The Importance of Love – How to give your child unconditional love and why they need it. This covers quality time, affection, being a modern ‘techie’ parent, and how to be a good role model for your children in this area.
  4. Being Creative. Creativity includes a lot more than simply arts and music – this chapter not only covers these topics but also exercise, outdoor activity, creative cooking, creative thinking and balance.
  5. Respect. This chapter covers a lot more than simply respect but really goes into more detail about instilling family values into your child, whether this is respect for others, setting goals, money management, authority and rules.
  6. Importance of Play. This chapter covers both the importance of play and the many lessons it teaches as well as how you, as the parent, can promote play learning.
  7. Catch Them Being Good – this covers discipline and positive behaviour management as well as being a mentor for your child and only entering into arguments that are worth it. Catch them doing good and praise them, while still creating rules and boundaries to make them feel secure.
  8. Thinking Skills. Thinking skills are covered in various places throughout the book (such as those developed by play) but are specifically focussed on in this chapter. It looks at the importance of the different types of thinking and how to encourage them – common sense, problem solving, logic, entrepreneurial thinking, flexibility, calculated thinking, etc.
  9. Creating Family Traditions. Family traditions are a great way to celebrate key events in your calendar as well as creating family traditions celebrating report cards, end of term and even bedtime. Create beautiful memories and then preserve them – this chapter looks at exactly how to do this.
  10. The Importance of You – Recharging your batteries, developing your own interests and friendships, taking care of your health are all covered in this chapter as well as how to get the children to muck in so you can have some time off. It also covers the subject of work-life balance and how you can get your kids to appreciate you.
  11. Prepare for Adulthood. Some valuable lessons need to be taught to children in order to prepare them to be better adults – the importance of work and relationships, how to handle money and stress, these subjects and others related to preparing your child for adulthood are discussed in this chapter.


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