Ffions Prom party

Hey there,

Running your own business has its own unique demands. But, when you have 3 of them, it kinda makes it more interesting. Add into the mix, 3 lively young daughters (all at their term ends) … days don’t amalgamate, weeks do!

As a parent, you’ll know that term-end brings fresh challenges, particulalrly when you have a daughter moving up to High school too. So, things have been pretty busy…  all round.

A lovely event happened last night. Ffion had a school prom party and she was luxuriously delivered with her friends in a Limousine…OMG!

… I am 43 and have never been in a stretched Limousine…she is 11. Where did I go wrong?

Anyway, she had a blast (her words, not mine)…and is now recovering by shopping with Kara her best friend!

What a life eh?… I hope all her days are as glamorous and filled with fun!

With love,



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