GCSE results!


We’ve had a tremendous summer here this year. For the first time in years, we have had gorgeous weather! The holidays have been easy to enjoy because you don’t have to prep up for parfinlia that goes with rain. I’ll do a later blog post about our summer scheanigans.

Ok, the point of this post. Cerys achieved 10 GCSE’s today:

  • A in Catering
  • B in Welsh Language
  • B in Welsh Literature
  • B in RE
  • C in English Literature
  • C in English Language
  • C in Maths x 2
  • C in Science
  • C in Information Technology

To be fair, she worked diligently for them and this is her reward for all of her hard work. There was only one point where she had a mini rebellion… 🙂 hehe!  She failed only 2, History (robbed) and German.

She is now already preparing for her ‘A’ levels. I am trying to persuade her to only do 3 subjects, not 4 as the school suggests. I remember a big difference between the two levels… but we’ll see.

So well done to my gorgeous little girl. It’s fair to say I could not be more proud of you. Enjoy our feast an Nando’s tonight!


With love,



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