‘How to raise children successfully’ book is coming!

Hi there!

I am bursting with excitement! After spending sometime in the Warrior Forum last Thusday night, I joined a thread on ‘What’s stopping you from writing a book’.

I joined adding that I had written one but was frustrated with the set up on getting it published. Up stepped a gentleman from Canada who suggested that I use createspace.com (part of Amazon) who could self-publish it in a matter of  hours. I looked further down the thread for evidence and several authors later I was convinced that it should be the way forward.

So, after doing little bits here and there this weekend, the result is that I have designed the front cover and uploaded the PDF book into their publishing section for review. I decided to pay $39 for the Pro version, which will essentially give me more commission per book …and will make it available to more sales outlets.

So, my problem is solved. I highly recommend this route to market.

Watch this space for launch. So excited!! Kids are too…

To our success!


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