Mad March


Precisely 80 days into the year and all I can say is… OMG!!!

Time has just flown (as usual)…

We are all looking forward to the forthcoming break (Easter Bunny comes a week Sunday), so excitement is building to fever pitch here.

Things have been completely upside down here because Mari is still only doing half days in school after contracting a ‘Glandular Fever ‘type virus in December last year. So, it’s pretty full on, bless her. She is making good use of her iPod touch!

Ffion is enjoying Year 7 in High School. Her first parents evening was a dream… and long may it continue. She has embraced the new opportunities that High School brings and has loved drama so much that I’ve enrolled her into a ‘performing art’s school in Cardiff… watch this space!

Cerys is now in Year 10 (lots of work) and has really taken to Zumba (all she says is “shake what your mamma gave ya“) and goes 3 times a week. Her teacher is simply superb and really makes it fun and inspiring. She also got through the early stages of a Welsh Masterchef competition for children, so cooking is certainly going to feature in her future!

This was my point in writing tonight. I had already dropped Mari off this morning to school and the day was ‘Rhondda Grey” (bleak). It was cold too. I was taking Cerys to her work experience and the roads were very busy given it was still ‘school run’ time. We were in a row of cars and I looked left out of the window and was suddenly spoilt with a line of trees ….all circled by Crocuses. Wow!

Furthermore, the Crocuses were in good company. Daffodils towered above them as if they were sentries guarding these precious 3 inch plants.

Ok, I know I am rambling on… what’s my point?

My point is… even on a cold, bleak, rainy day, there is lots to give thanks for. Nature is always there to help us…. you’ve just got to look. So, slow down … and take a breath because March is simply beautiful…

Get off the running mill and see!

… thank you nature!


Love you all,

Wayne Evans

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