Mari’s 10th birthday

Hi there,

Yesterday was Mari’s 10th birthday. I don’t know where time goes…

We had an amazing time…. chocolate cake in bed with candles, amazing presents (main one being a new xbox live), home made (football themed) birthday cake from Cerys (it may have been her best yet), Cinema with popcorn and new DVD in the evening with a real fire and a Dominos pizza. Cerys my eldest daughter is nearly 16 and announced that she’s never had a Dominos pizza before. I will take that as a compliment.

It was a truly fabulous day, her birthday fell in the half term holidays, so all kids were around all day, as was I (working from home has benefits).

She’s back to soccer school day with friends, so no doubt the celebrations will continue this morning.

She has prize giving at 3pm, so all in all … a busy day ahead.

What ever you are doing this coming weekend, I hope you have a fab time!


With Love,



Birthday balloon


Presents for birthday


Football shots and socks.... go great with Real Madrid top

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