Merry Christmas 2012


With only 2 sleeps to go, things are pretty hectic here at the Evans household.

With Mari running at only 20% capacity, we’ve been pretty limited. An unknown virus has taken all her energy away and left her quiet, which is strange to say the least.

She’s slowly bouncing back, and we celebrated this with a visit to the Pantomime to watch ‘Robin Hood and the Babes in the Woods’…(oh. no we didn’t…) 🙂 Anyway, she laughed so hard, she had to lean forward for air, which was a lovely sight.

Anyway, preparations are on track. Most of the cooking prep is done and all that remains for Christmas Eve is Apricot/Chestnut stuffing, letters to Santa and search for Reindeer poo. We’ll finish of the evening with a large glass of Port for Santa and a Carrot for Rudolph…


If I haven’t left it too late, perhaps you could use these for you little ones:



As we draw near to the end of a great year, I wish you every success in 2013.


With love,


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