Ski heaven & 100 Day plan!


Well, we all got back in one piece and the holiday was fantastic!

I have 3 beauties who are now excellent skiers. Pretty impressive noting that they have never even held ski before.What was memorable? Well in this order:

  1. Seeing the kids confidence build over the week, which resulted in us going on some pretty steep blue runs.
  2. Absolutely no TV for a week so plenty of chat, swimming and games. Oh and cuddles! 🙂
  3. Excellent scenery (and the kids actually being impressed by mountains, stars and sunsets etc – actually I knew they would, they always do.)
  4. French croissants & French bread with apricot jam…..oh!
  5. Picnic lunch of French bread and ham.

The levels of snow we had was signifcant, we only had 2 sunny days. The rest of the time was snowing, as evidenced by this picture:

Coming back has been tough. It is an absolute delight to spend every second in 24 hours with the children, who at different times were excited, exasperated, grateful and tired. I love dealing with these emotions because it is my job to steer the outcome. We always choose patience & positivity!

This week has been about catching up at work….which was a nighmare for all types of reasons. I limped to the weekend but the good news is that I’ve started the 100 day Challenge again (see below for details), so I have set up some new goals and an action plan.

The outcome of this planning is that I am going to be really pushing for the book to be published and have given it a deadline of the end of June! After that, we’ll self publish, create a sales page on the web and begin a membership site for all type of excellent things for parents. If you have any particular requests, please log them in your comments.

That’s it for today. Sun is shining, so its time to get out.

To our success.


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