Summer holidays begin..

Hey there!

When the weather has been as poor as it has been, you forget that the school holidays are creeping up on you… well that’s what happened this year.

We arrived at the end of school term in the rain! School sports day was cancelled…twice,  the school BBQ has already become the indoor Summer Fayre, …you get the idea.

We had a first here. My eldest daughter Cerys went on a school trip to Germany (meant to improve the language…ye right), and, judging by the texts, she had an awesome time… and some!

I was worried for her, whether she’d be ok away from home in a foreign country etc, but she was fine. Too good in fact! She had “a blast!”

The other two girls were lost. Without their biggest sister to lead, love and play they were seemingly quiet.

Ffion went to a club on Thursday night, so I was able to get some great time with just Mari. It is amazing to have one to one time with each child and would encourage you to make real efforts in that arena. The topics & conversations are completely different…

Luckily, I anticipated this quietness and planned a day out at a local Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon on Saturday, so we could enjoy a picnic and play some games. They had a great time and so did I despite having an unusual headache!

Cerys duly arrived back buzzing at 12.15am, completely loved it!

Just have to deal with the lack of sleep now…

Hope you all have a happy, healthy summer wherever you are!





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