“Whilst my plane was crashing”

Hi there

Just came across this video. It is compelling viewing…watch it today.

Click here to watch it…

I hope you will never be in a position like that?

Just imagine what it would feel like, to think that you were not going to have a chance again to be the best Dad you could be…

Then, imagine getting that chance to do things properly… After I saw this video, I did three things:

  1. I made sure I was doing the right things with the kids at the right time!
  2. I cut down my working late at night hours.
  3. I also cut out the negative energy contacts, that WEAR YOU DOWN!

The timing was perfect for me; to ensure that I continued being the best Dad I could possibly be! I know that along the way I got sidetracked …

…or tired? Ring any bells?

If I can lead you to do one thing today…it’s to put a solid plan in motion to give your family the life they deserve and more of your most valuable commoditytime!


Starting today, click here to follow a blueprint for a better life for your family…




P.S. What are your 3 most important things in life? Let me know in the comments below and please ‘Like’ too.

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